The Eco-citizen schoolchildren project allows students to share their discoveries and to discover in return. This helps to create a positive emulation and to travel while staying in the classroom.

United Schools is an association recognized as being of general interest, created in Dijon in 2017.

From the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region, where it took its first steps, United Schools radiates throughout the world as its teams develop and run an eco-citizen social network between schools on 5 continents !

In this way, the association accompanies 5-16 year olds in their construction as open and responsible citizens.

With his account, the teacher or the animator allows his students to share their culture, their good ideas for a more sustainable world and to discover some in return.

They practice languages, digital technology, geography, arts… while opening up to the world, becoming aware and taking action !

Thanks to the ORCOM Corporate Foundation, they will continue to be structured in secondary schools in France and more specifically in the Doubs.

“Orcomans will also be welcome as ambassadors for our association. They will connect us with the schools in their area !” Stéphane OLLAGNIER – Director of United Schools

United Schools is one of the three winners of the 2021 “International and Youth” call for projects.

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