Zellidja – Solo travel, the key to opening up to the world

Zellidja’s ambition is to enable young people to open up to the world around them and to learn about themselves through travel.

Solo adventures contribute to the personal development, education and fulfillment of young people.

Going on a trip with Zellidja means making a commitment to travel alone for a minimum of one month, spending as little money as possible. It also means committing to a study abroad project, a real source of discovery!

The principle of the Zellidja scholarship is simple : to offer young French speakers aged 16 to 20 the possibility of going on a trip, by granting them a scholarship of up to 900€ for a first trip.

Zellidja is one of the three winners of the 2021 “International and Youth” call for projects.

More information: https://www.zellidja.com/