L’association Coup de Pouce – partner for success at school: reinforcing math skills in CE1-CE2.

CLEM – the Reading, Writing and Mathematics Club of the Henri IV school in Chartres aims to help children acquire fundamental knowledge in CE1-CE2 !

The objective of the Coup de Pouce association, through their CLEM club, is to help children – as well as their parents – in the learning of basic knowledge, so that they become actors in their research and discovery in mathematical activities.

The sessions bring together 6 children under the supervision of a facilitator, who, for 1h30, will teach the mathematical prerequisites at the beginning of cycle 2 in a fun way (through games, challenges, animations).

 Some numbers : between 2018 and 2019, 83% of children made significant progress in their math skills, 88% developed confidence, and 89% of parents report being more comfortable at school !

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