Our ORCOM Tours site is committed to biodiversity.

For over a year, 6 beehives have been housed on the roof of the Saint-Avertin site thanks to our Corporate Foundation. These beehives, in ORCOM’s blue colors, show our company’s commitment to a CSR approach by supporting the bee ecosystem !

Essential to the pollination of flowers, bees help maintain the balance of ecosystems. But for several years, bees have been in danger. Between the disappearance of natural habitats, climate change or pesticides … the causes of disappearance of bees are numerous.

It is an opportunity for companies to react and to be part of a strong environmental approach. Placing one or more beehives on your roof or the roof of your company is also an important civic action that everyone can take!

To note:

  • This action does not imply any danger for the employees present on the site, the hives being secured and the employees trained
  • The participating companies harvest half of the honey produced by the bees on their roofs