Guillaume and Pablo are two young people passionate about cycling and adventure. They embarked on a unique world tour by bike. One pedals with his feet, the other with his hands.

Since they were young, these two friends have dreamed of cycling around the world. After a first European tour of 6 months and a daily practice of cycling, Pablo develops an arthrosis in his knee which forces him to slow down his practice, for all that, it is not possible to consider giving up the world tour.

The two friends then turned to materials adapted to certain disabilities and set off on March 10, 2018 on a specific tandem : Guillaume pedals with his feet and Pablo with his hands. Their goal through this trip is to raise awareness about disability in order to awaken their solidarity.

After 522 days of adventure, the two friends traveled 17,104 km in 22 countries and on 2 continents and their journey ended in Bangkok.