En’jeux Communs is an association that aims to raise awareness of the challenges of our time through games and to allow everyone to become an actor of the transition.

Proposal of a cycle of 3 sessions of games around food and sustainable development. These sessions are proposed to about thirty pupils aged from 7 to 10, accompanied by their teacher, in the 13th district of Paris.

• Session 1: The 5 senses

The children follow 5 workshops (one per sense). Their objective: to recognize the elements listed on their leaves thanks to touch, taste, smell, sight or hearing. For example: almonds for touch, lavender for smell, sunflower seeds for sight, crushed apple for sound… The pooling of the results allows to give basic notions and to make a first work on the oral expression of the children. At the end, they are given seeds to grow until the next session.

• Session 2: Climate and Food

The children create climate frescoes in collective intelligence using “causes” and “consequences” cards. They then draw their proposed solutions and perform them in the form of a sketch, so that they feel like actors of their future.

• Session 3: What solutions?

The children play board games (PomPom, LudoBio, Terrabilis, Photosynthèsis, Bioviva, goutedo) to understand the stakes of eating local, seasonal, healthy, preserving biodiversity…

En’Jeux Communs is one of the three winners of the 2019 “Sustainable Development and Youth” call for projects.

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