Energies Solidaires is an association that fights against climate change and poverty.

The aim of this project is to attract a large number of young people to the theme of ecological transition by using an innovative and fashionable game: the Escape Game. The aim is to make participants aware of climate change, to propose solutions for daily action and to unite the actors of the territory.

In order to reach out to all audiences, even those who are farthest from their premises and especially in rural areas, Énergies Solidaires wishes to offer a mobile Escape Game that goes out to meet people. It could for example be set up in a camper van, a caravan or any other modular support. The goal of the Escape Game is to escape from a room or a series of rooms in a limited time (usually one hour) and is played in groups of 3 to 5 people. Players must search for clues scattered throughout the setting, then combine them to advance in the puzzle and unlock mechanisms to pass the successive stages until the final enigma and the end of the game.

Energies Solidaires is one of the three winners of the 2019 “Sustainable Development and Youth” call for projects.More info :